Each Massage treatment is adapted to your specific needs. We work closely with the Physio Team to address your specific injury and/or to enhance your sporting performance.  Greater sense of wellbeing and an increased body awareness are just two of the many benefits you will gain by having regular massage.

  • Therapeutic Massage (Sports, Deep Tissue, Relaxation) – This type of massage is used to address specific soft tissue injuries and dysfunctions of the muscles and connective tissues in the body.  Generally, techniques are applied deeper into the soft tissues (muscles, fascia and tendons) in order to have a loosening and healing effect on the body and to address chronic and acute pain patterns.  This unravelling process allows your body to change old dysfunctional patterns in posture and sporting techniques.  There are many muscular and circulatory conditions which may benefit from massage therapy. There are a few inflammatory conditions and other diseases which are contraindicated (inappropriate) to massage. Please consult your Physio or Massage therapist for advice.
  • Sports Massage – This involves pre-event, post event, injury prevention and maintenance massage.  The aim is to enhance your sporting performance, speed, physical and mental recovery and prevent injury.
  • Myofascial Release – This is used to address the connective tissues called fascia which envelope our muscles, nerves and organs. It can help address postural problems, nerve entrapment and other restrictions caused by past trauma from operations or accidents.
  • Active Isolated Stretching & Massage (AIS Method) – A combination of massage and stretching; improves flexibility, stress relief, reduces muscle spasm, quickens recovery, promotes balance, chronic pain relief, better posture, relieves muscle soreness, increases performance.


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