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Golf Analysis at Proactive Physio, Queenstown

What’s involved?

PGA CertifiedProfessional Players come in all shapes and sizes and can all do well, so what do they have in common?

Technology and research has now improved so we can see each individual golfer’s signature as they pass energy through their body to the club head. All great ball strikers have the same sequence of transferring energy.

Analysing the body and swing can help optimise the human body for golf and it can help all ages and ability levels.

Player development has now progressed to include physical conditioning. The analysis is assessed by your physiotherapist and your golf pro, working together to develop a programme for your individual needs.

Benefits of Golf Analysis


Control, development, strength, consistency, improve your swing.


Improve your flexibility, prevent injury, work with what you already have, maintenance programmes, stand up to time.


Lifestyle, confidence, passion, social circuits, lower your handicap, well being and fitness.

Examples of analysis during golf swing

Senior Golf Physiotherapist at Proactive Physio, Queenstown, Sonya Anderson will complete the assessment. Still pictures are taken from a slow speed video to allow analysis of the player’s posture, joint position and swing. Each still picture can then be indiviudally analysed to identify muscle imbalance, postural misalignment and other joint abnormalities. Once analysis is complete, a personalised training programme is prescribed to treat the identified issues.